USA Road Trip 2010

USA Road Trip

Our road trip in 2010 started in Seattle, Washington, we made our way towards San Francisco along parts of the Oregon Coast. Once in northern California we had a few nights at the incredible Redwood National and State Parks, this along with the stunning Oregon coast was the highlight of the west coast. We then drove the Pacific Coast Highway through Big Sur before spending a couple of nights in L.A.

After Leaving Los Angeles we headed inland to Nevada, we stayed at the fantastically odd Las Vegas. A couple of nights there was more than enough before we headed further into the desert to the wonderful Zion National Park in Utah. Zion is quite a small park but packed with stunning displays of geological history. This part of the desert South West is surprisingly green.

After spending a few nights in Zion National Park we planned a couple of nights at the Grand Canyon, the weather was so bad we decided to head for Colorado instead. We drove to Colorado and stayed in the wonderful town of Ouray, the next day we spent some time in Silverton. The drive between Ouray and Silverton is one of the most fantastic drives you can imagine, if you are not to scared of heights that is. After our short stay in Western Colorado we headed back to the desert to spend a few nights in Natural bridges National Monument, this tiny park makes a fantastic place to spend a few nights and was close to Canyonlands National Park and Monument Valley. By night the skies over the park open up to the rest of the Universe, Natural Bridges has the darkest skies in the lowest 48 states.


We left the desert and headed for Wyoming where we stayed in Grand Teton National Park for five nights. Grand Teton is the most beautiful place I have ever been, every inch of the park is stunning. I woke up at 5:30 on three of our days there to get sunrise shots of places around the park.

Our final stop in a National Park was at Glacier in Montana, some of Glacier National Park was extremely busy but hiking for a few miles quickly lost the crowds and led us to phenomenal views of the mountains and glacial lakes.