My current camera gear includes that listed below, I use the wide angle more than anything else now. The wide angle gives you a great perspective as you get really close to stuff, if I only had one lens it would be this one. The 35mm is quite new to me but I already love it, the depth of field (blurred background) you can get from it is amazing. Also for use in dark areas it makes it possible to get shots like this without setting up a tripod.

The longer lens is useful for a bit more zoom but I try not to go to the full 200mm as the quality drops off very quickly, most zooms tend to do that at the extreme ends so I try to stay away if I can. I nearly always use the lens hoods to to prevent any stray light getting into the lens, I think it makes the lens look bettor to, kind of like a spoiler on a car.

I have a flash but this gets very little use as I don’t really do people photography, still useful to have though. Might try a bit more people stuff at some point.

My tripod goes everywhere with me if I’m doing photography, many of the shots I do would just not happen if I did not have it. Having a tripod just opens up your options when taking pics, though I try not to let it put me off because it can be a pain setting it up and moving it around. If you think a shot is worth getting then go for it.

My camera backpack is great, these bags are super tough and weather proof. It has a place to hook my tripod onto and a little raincoat thing if it starts to get really wet. Having all my stuff in a comfortable backpack makes it easy to have all your stuff with you without it feeling like a burden to carry. I’ve always got lens cloths and a couple of face towels for the rain in my bag to.


Camera Gear-

Camera Body – Nikon D7000

Lenses – Nikon 10mm – 24mm (Super Wide lens)

Nikon 18mm – 200mm

Nikon 35mm – 1.8 (Love this lens for depth of field)


Other stuff-

Nikon Speedlight SB – 600 + Diffuser

Hoya Pro 1 Digital – circular polarizer filters

Lowepro Pro Runner 300 All Weather

Sandisk Extreme and Extreme Pro memory cards

Nikon MC – DC2 remote cord



Adobe Photoshop + Bridge CS5.1