About Me

I have had an interest in photography since I started to have an interest in crazy weather in 1996 after seeing the film Twister. I started off just using disposable cameras taking pictures of clouds mostly, I would always have a camera with me, even at school. I soon had my first reusable camera and then a camera with a zoom, by the time I had done my GCSE’s I had purchased my first SLR and soon started working in the camera store I had bought it in.

The summer I finished my GCSE’s was my first experience earning money working at the camera store. I worked six days a week and by the end of the summer I had £1,600 that I spent on a new camera kit. That was a big waste of money!

Although I had loved taking pictures of nature related things for a long time, I had no idea what I was doing. I thought spending all that money would give me great pictures but they looked almost the same as the ones I had taken with my £200 camera. That’s because it was still me taking them. I soon gave up photography and sold all my equipment.

A few years later I had grown up a little and was getting married to my amazing wife Alison. Just before going on our honeymoon to Egypt I decided to buy a camera again. By this time the digital world that I had always been a bit sceptical of had taken over. I decided on a Nikon camera after reading a few reviews, it was the amazing Nikon D90. Having a camera again immediately reignited my love for nature and trying to capture how it makes me feel.

My first ever tornado from an increadible storm

Now, years later, I am still loving photography. Over the last few years we have been blessed to be able to travel to some incredible places. I am now starting to understand how important things like Photo Shop are. Often when I would take a picture of something I thought was amazing and then upload it to the computer to show people I would be frustrated that it was not even beginning to share how that moment made me feel. Now when I edit my pictures I am trying to recreate the moment. I want people to look at the frame and feel as though they could walk right into the scene.

I hope to use this site to develop my passion for travel and photography, I feel like I am just beginning so there should be lots to follow.

Tom Trott.