Lightning Photography

Lightning is one of my favorite things about thunderstorms and has fascinated me since I was a young boy. I would go through countless rolls of film as a kid trying to capture my first images of lightning. It was not until I got my first SLR camera that I got my first ever images of lightning on film, ever since then I have been trying to capture more impressive displays of one of natures great wonders. Lightning can be very difficult to capture but with a little practice I started to regularly get good shots from lightning storms. Here are a few images from the last few years.

The image above was taken in South Dakota after following a marginally sever storm into the evening, there was not a huge amount of lightning with the storm but I did manage to get a couple of shots I liked.


 The two images above were taken on days where storms initiated much later than expected leaving us little to chase but did give us some brief lightning displays as they moved away to the east. Even if I end up with just one shot like this at the end of a storm chasing day I am happy.


The Images above where taken after spending the afternoon on a fantastic storm chase across the Oklahoma Panhandle, this was one of the most incredible storms I had seen and gave us an amazing lightning display to end the day.

 This image was taken at Natural Bridges National Monument in Utah, the park is known for its amazing dark skies for star gazing. As we waited for the sun to go down and the sky to get dark we were treated to some evening storms and infrequent lightning.

The above three images where taken on my first storm chasing experience in 2010. That trip was enough to get me totally hooked on storm chasing and getting more and more images of incredible storms.

The last two pictures are from a trip to Badlands National Park in South Dakota. The storm was nearly one hundred miles away but I was able to sit and watch it for over an hour from our campsite in the park.

These last images are from my 2011 storm chasing trip to the Great Plains, the final image was taken as we arrived at our hotel on our final night, the storm we had been chasing all day was rolling away overhead so I headed strait out to see if I could get one last image. This is the image I ended up with, it is also one of my favorite lightning pictures so far. I look forward to adding many more images to this collection, so check back for more updates soon….