London in Pictures

Photos of London

I have decided to start a project photographing the great city of London, I have lived in London my whole life but rarely go into town to explore what the city has to offer. Like a national park London is most beautiful in the early morning or around sunset, the great thing about being in Town in the evening is that the night brings some of the best photographic opportunities. I love to mess around with longer exposures to capture the hustle and bustle of humans around our magnificent creations of architecture.

There are many Places I plan to visit for this gallery so it will be growing as I add pictures from each adventure.

Day 1 Photos 

Day 2 Photos

On my second trip into town I decided to drive in from work and park up by Tower Bridge, the roads were not to busy and parking was free so that was a bit of a result. I found a space fairly close to Tower Bridge and made my way over the bridge. I have seen the bridge many times now but it was still quite an amazing site as you turn the corner past the tall office buildings, It almost seems out of place surrounded by such modern architecture.

I crossed the bridge and started looking for a couple of spots to set up later that evening. It was close to sunset and I was a bit concerned at how much it had clouded over, I was hoping for some broken clouds to allow the bridge to get some good lighting with an interesting sky. As I was deciding what to do I thought I would at least grab a few shots of the bridge that i could turn into a HDR image in photoshop. This means taking a few images of varying exposures from the exact same spot and merging them in photoshop, it requires two rounds of editing and is great if you want that hyper real look. At the time this shot was taken the whole scene was looking very dull with little contrast, using HDR opens up endless posibilities even with poor lighting.

The lighting was looking crummier by the minute so I decided to move on and head back to Embankment for some shots I had spotted a couple of nights before. I grabbed a sneaky Mackie D’s and found a parking spot right outside the riverside entrance to the Savoy. Nice.

As I was crossing the bridge from Embankment Station across to all the riverside antertainment, I could see the carousel was still running, I hoped I would be able to use this to add some excitement to a shot or two. The green in front of the London Eye was crowded with people but I managed to find a couple of spots to set up for some shots of the Eye. I think I will go back on a couple of clear nights to redo some London Eye shots, I’m not overly happy with the way the city lights colour the lower clouds. There was plenty of excitement going on along the river with all the street entertainers so I hung around trying for some shots of the guys with the giant bubble maker and the carousel.

On my first trip to the area a couple of night before I had spotted a shot I wanted to try for on the bridge back to Embankment. I started off set up at the side of the bridge with my camera set as low as I could get it on the tripod, I soon decided to move and just sit right in the middle of the bridge as people walked around me. A couple of young guys stopped and asked me to take their picture, I took it just to get rid of them but this actually turned out to be one of my favorite shots of the night. I guess if I’m Taking pics of London, moments like this really give you a feel of the City.

On the way home I really felt like I had been on an adventure, kind of like a mini storm chasing trip in the city of London, feeling the excitement and even the anxiety of not wanting to miss a good photo opportunity made it something very different from a normal evening living in Town.