New Images

Some New Edits


I decided to go back through some of my image galleries to see if there were any photos that I had not edited that maybe worth a second look, I am very glad I decided to as I have come up with 19 new images that I love. Some pictures I had just overlooked when editing from so many images after a long trip some I had just forgot to edit at all like the Tonquin Valley panoramic at the bottom. I will also add the images to the appropriate galleries on the site also.

Storm Chasing 2010 Images


Twilight Storm

Twilight Lightning Sunset on the Plains Stunning Sunset Stormy Field Scary Sky

Rainbow Storm

U.S.A. Road Trip 2010 Images


Tom in Teton Tetons Sunrise Snake River Overlook San Francisco Street Fallen Redwoods

Storm Chasing 2011 Images


Dark Storm Lone Ladybird Big Sky Stormy Sky Supercell Chasers

North America Road Trip 2011 Images


Tonquin Valley

Storm Chasing 2012 Images


Texas Lightning Barn



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