Getting There


I’m not really sure where ‘There’ is but I feel like it is vastly closer than when I first decided to redo my website. Over the last two  and a half weeks I have only had a few days of work so have had plenty of time to get stuck into it all, I’m guessing I have spent over 80 hours during that time sitting at the computer. Two thirds of that spent preparing my pictures for the site and the rest is trying to get my head around the website thing.

It started with me chatting to Woody Stone on our storm chasing trip this year, this guy is a great photographer and obviously knew how to edit RAW pictures properly. I had been messing around with Photoshop for a couple of years but had just been making it up as I went along up to this point. The thing I want people to see when they look at my pictures is what I saw and felt when I was there taking it. To you your own pictures will often look like that moment because your memory of actually being there is added to the photo, but to others they are missing some of the beauty if your pictures are looking flat and badly processed like I think mine were.

Woody recommended the ‘Adobe Photoshop Book’ by Scott Kelby so I ordered it as soon as I got home, it was only £15 and one of the best £15 I have ever spent. The book is crazy easy to follow and starts right from the beginning. I read it through a couple of times and noted down all the stuff I needed to remember. I actually could not believe how much difference knowing just a few basic things made, like the Curves adjustment that I had previously not touched as it looked too scary. Right away I was working through my favourite pics and realising what I had been missing.

I then moved on to the idea of a new website. I had been using a template website for a couple of years which was super easy but just didn’t look as good as I wanted. I found my second book on Scott Kelby’s web site, ‘ Get Your Photography on the Web’ by Rafael Conception and ordered that. I would not recommend this book so fast because it is NOT written for beginners although it says it is. Rafael was good to get me going, setting up domain name and space, and Wordpress but was just confusing at times. Very little of the stuff I was following happened like it said it was meant to in the book so it just ended up making me angry. I figured most stuff out by it going wrong and having to figure it out on my own.

After the first week I had started to get my head around the whole WordPress thing and was going back to the book to help with tweaking things on the site. The guys at were more helpful than I can explain, I have never come across customer service like that before. Give them a call just for a chat, its worth it.

So now I feel comfortable editing the website and getting it all looking the way I want so I’m just trying to get the rest of my pics ready. I will keep adding stuff to the site as I go like this Blog page, I will add a place for ordering prints soon to.

Thanks for reading, I will keep adding stuff as regularly as I can so come back soon.




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