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New Images

Some New Edits


I decided to go back through some of my image galleries to see if there were any photos that I had not edited that maybe worth a second look, I am very glad I decided to as I have come up with 19 new images that I love. Some pictures I had just overlooked when editing from so many images after a long trip some I had just forgot to edit at all like the Tonquin Valley panoramic Continue reading “New Images” »

New Facebook Page

I have decided to start sharing my photography on Facebook so I have a group of people to share my new pictures with as I post them on the site. The new page is here –

Remember to like the page so you get updates when I post new pictures.

Storm Chasing 2012 New Gallery

My 2012 storm chasing trip was my longest and best trip yet, I had two weeks chasing out in the pains with Brian Morganti and later with Tempest Tours. I also had my first expierience driving while storm chasing with Brian. We had storms to go after every day we were out there and a few of those days turned out to be very spectacular supercell days, tere were also a couple of very disapointing days making it a very real storm chasing trip.

I had the chance to chase with some fantastic people and feel I have learned so much about the science behind chasing. I am already dreaming about my next tripas always. I hpe you enjoy this years pictures, thanks for

Snow In London

Feburary 2012 had an extremely cold start here in London and we were even treated to a couple of days with overnight snow falls. I planned to go out in the morning the first time we had snow to do some photography but by the time I was up the snow had already began to melt from the trees. I was a bit dissapointed but less than a week later we woke to another covering of snow. Continue reading “Snow In London” »

Tempest Storm Chasing Tours

Storm Chasing Tour Review

Continue reading “Tempest Storm Chasing Tours” »

The Supercell Thunderstorm

The supercell thunderstorm is one of the main targets for storm chasers, not only is it one of the most amazing spectacles of nature but it is the tornado producer of thunderstorm clouds. Super cell thunderstorms are a thunderstorm cloud with a long lasting rotating updraft, they will often be called twisting storms or rotating thunderstorms. Supercell storms can pose many dangers as they produce extremely large hail, stromg and damaging winds, down bursts and micro bursts, heavy rain, tornadoes and lightning. Continue reading “The Supercell Thunderstorm” »

Checking In

It has been a while since I have posted anything on the website so I thought it was time for a little up date. I have not taken any pictures since traveling in August and have just been busy working. Christmas is now only days away and I should be able to have a couple of weeks off work over Christmas and new year. That should give me some time to get out and do some photography around town.

The long hot days of summer seem such a long time ago now and we are nearly at the shortest day already. As the days grow shorter and colder I seem to be spending more and more time day dreaming about the next adventure. I am hoping to be able to go Storm Chasing again next may and will be making a final decision next month.

Hopefully in a couple of weeks I will have some new stuff to put up on here so check back then.


USA Road Trip 2011

The final pictures from our road trip this summer are ready in the second gallery, this gallery has all the pictures from our time spent in the USA efter two weeks in the Canadian Rockies. See the pics HERE.

Canadian Rockies

I have now been back from my summer trip for one week and have managed to finish my first of two galleries for the trip. This first gallery documents our time spent in the Canadian Rockies the second will be of our time traveling around the USA and will be ready tomorrow.

Over the six weeks we were traveling we visited 2 Canadian Provences and 15 US States, spent time in 13 national parks and drove 8,000 miles. The best trip yet. By far.

Here are the pics.

The Open Road

It is friday night and we are all packed and ready for a huge adventure flying across the Atlantic to North America in the morning.

In the morning we fly to Spokane Washington were we prepare for our trip to the Canadian rockies. The Canadian Rockies will be our home Continue reading “The Open Road” »