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Tempest Storm Chasing Tours

Storm Chasing Tour Review

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The Supercell Thunderstorm

The supercell thunderstorm is one of the main targets for storm chasers, not only is it one of the most amazing spectacles of nature but it is the tornado producer of thunderstorm clouds. Super cell thunderstorms are a thunderstorm cloud with a long lasting rotating updraft, they will often be called twisting storms or rotating thunderstorms. Supercell storms can pose many dangers as they produce extremely large hail, stromg and damaging winds, down bursts and micro bursts,┬áheavy rain, tornadoes and lightning. Continue reading “The Supercell Thunderstorm” »

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USA Road Trip 2011

The final pictures from our road trip this summer are ready in the second gallery, this gallery has all the pictures from our time spent in the USA efter two weeks in the Canadian Rockies. See the pics HERE.