Around Town

I decided last week to start a project taking pictures around London, It was after seeing some stuff on Mike Hollinghead’s website that got me thinking. Like many people I know that live in and around London we rearely go into town to expierience what Londo has to offer. It always feels like a huge event going into Central even thogh it is so easy.

I have now done two trips into town and have loved it, my plan is for many more trips and eventually having a large collection of pics from around town on Capturing Adventure. Both trips so far have happened in the evening with most pictures taken after dark. I love being in town for the late evening, especially in the summer as its warm out and there are tons of tourists out taking pictures to. Night time photography in town is graet but at this time of year that meanns waiting untill 10pm for it to get dark.

Before going in to take pictures I was not to sure about it as I knew it would involve people, I don’t know why but I am always very uncomfatable taking people pictures, just not my thing I guess. I love people, just my camera doesnt so much. After spending a couple of evenings out there with the camera I realised that you can take pictures in the busies part of the city and feel almost invisible, peole just walk on by (like Dionne Warwick) doing there own thing, too busy to pay much atention to one of the many people with their cameras out. On the second evening I set my camera up right in the middle of Hungerford Bridge and Golden Jubilee Bridge (not sure which one), people just walked by as I took photos for about half an hour.

Westminister bridge and Big Ben is a great place to set up taking pictures, you just blend in with the crouds of people and their cameras. Right by there is the London Eye with Jubilee Gardens right oposite, this is another great place to check out the night life of London. The street entertainers are around till late, I was out there untill 11:30 and it was as busy as the start of the evening.

I am planning on visiting this area a number of times, each time I go I get new ideas but just dont have the time to do them all in one trip. Some early mornng shots around the parks will probably be something I will look into after the summer to. I’m not the best at getting up crazy early for anything other than a flight but I know it will be worth it. Let me know if you know of any nice spots around town,

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